Sara Larsen’s All Revolutions Will Be Fabulous

Printing Press is thrilled to announce the forthcoming publication of Oakland poet Sara Larsen’s All Revolutions Will Be Fabulous in November 2014.

Book launch and reading at La Commune / Hearts Desire Reading Nov. 23rd at 7pm!

Pages: 108
Quantity available: 64/100
Binding: Paperback
Size: 8.5 x 11
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Praise for All Revolutions Will Be Fabulous

If we are to persist in this world we will need to generate fathomless love and a bonafide commitment to social justice with the total ecology. All Revolutions Will Be Fabulous emerges from a space of civic exuberance where hand-to-hand collaboration, political activism and somatic realizations are thriving ethical aims and actively lived principles. Sara Larsen’s tactile, tactical and brilliant call to action brings life to the fore, unites sectors of meaning. Her demands are the demands of the rejuvenating polis. Her demands are clear and real. Unrest is a transitional space of tremendous possibility. Her poetics challenges infrastructure that betrays well-being. All Revolutions Will Be Fabulous is an operatic score of major significance: a human-animal call to revolutionary objectives. Cacophonous lyrical communalism redefines the state, its citizenry, the environment. The energy is palpable! — Brenda Iijima

This book begins and ends with an inventory of contemporary horrors: Abu Ghraib, Chelsea Manning, iPhones, iPads, iPods. In between these inventories is a celebration that another sort of life is possible. This life, the life that might be called revolution is polysexual, multivalent, decadent too. It names the heroes of this resistance: di Prima, Rimbaud, Wojnarowicz. And it calls them fabulous. — Juliana Spahr

Sara Larsen’s long awaited debut book, All Revolutions Will Be Fabulous, is addressed to the present.  Which is to say it is richly inflected by traditional questions of poetic, political, erotic upheaval.  Which is to say that it contains within it the dream of a future in which our current crises are merely fables of a present which poetry, politics and sex couldn’t fully redeem.  Larsen’s measure in these poems is outrageous and full of rage,fierce and uncompromising, without acquiescing to the nihilism or blasé which capital promotes as its choicest sad affects. — Brandon Brown

About Sara Larsen

Sara Larsen

Photo by Laurence Jones.

Sara Larsen is a poet living in Oakland. She is a member of the organizing collective of the Bay Area Public School, an autonomous free school at the Omni Commons in Oakland. Chapbooks include NOVUS, A,a,a,a,a, The Hallucinated, Merry Hell and most recently, After Sappho. You can find readings, links, updates on her work, and multifarious attentions on her blog at: